Exploring New Frontiers at the 2023 Project Management Conference

Welcome to the 8th International Conference on Research in Management & Economics, featuring the Project Management Conference of the Year. Mark your calendar for December 15-17, 2023, as this prestigious event unfolds at the illustrious University of Cambridge, Homerton College.

Why Should You Attend the Project Management Conference?

This academic gathering offers a unique opportunity to delve into the latest developments in the realms of Management and Economics. Immerse yourself in a diverse range of presentations, engage with industry experts, and explore emerging trends. The event is designed to foster dynamic discussions and open doors to potential research partnerships.

Choose Your Preferred Participation Method:

  • In-Person Presenter: Be part of the live action, sharing your research, networking, and participating in direct discussions with your peers.
  • Virtual Presenter: Present your work via video conferencing, allowing you to engage in Q&A sessions and connect with fellow attendees from around the globe.
  • In-Person Listener: If you prefer attending in person but don’t plan to present, this option lets you fully engage with conference activities. You can attend sessions, participate in discussions, and network with participants right at the Cambridge venue.
  • Virtual Listener: For those unable to travel, this virtual option provides access to valuable insights and knowledge shared during the conference. Attend sessions, ask questions, and interact with presenters and attendees online.

Publish Your Work

top management

This conference offers an exciting paper publication opportunity. Share your valuable insights, actively contribute to academic discourse, and significantly enhance your research portfolio.

Taking a Look at the Past

Explore the event’s history, learn from previous rounds, and contribute to the growing legacy of project management knowledge.

Diverse Range of Topics

While our primary focus is on Project Management, we also warmly welcome contributions related to Business, Economics, and Finance.

Ready to Join?

Visit our conference website to find comprehensive registration details, including information on early bird discounts and group rates. Secure your spot for the 8th edition of the International Project Management Conference today.

Get set to advance knowledge in Business, Management, and Economics. We eagerly await your participation in this vibrant academic community!

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