Global Summit on Aging and Gerontology: Unveiling Insights

The study of aging and gerontology is an intriguing blend of multidisciplinary insights, encompassing medicine, psychology, social sciences, public health, and beyond. This dynamic field constantly evolves, presenting new challenges, innovative methodologies, and unexpected discoveries.

Embrace the Dialogue: Aging Conference 2024 in Munich

Set for May 24-26, 2024, in Munich, the Global Summit on Aging and Gerontology invites academia’s brightest minds. Esteemed scholars, researchers, and budding academics converge to address the pivotal challenges and advancements within this field.

Maximizing Learning and Networking Opportunities

This influential summit prioritizes maximum learning and networking potential for all participants. Our meticulously curated program selects presentations based on stringent criteria of quality, authenticity, and relevance.

Interactive Engagements and Guided Tours: Connect and Learn

Participants engage in networking sessions and enjoy a guided tour of Munich, fostering interactions, providing insights into academic and research grants, and fostering collaborations.

Breaking Geographical Barriers: Virtual Engagement

While we anticipate in-person attendance, we extend a warm invitation to join as virtual delegates or presenters. Geography won’t limit your access to this wealth of knowledge and networking prospects.

Welcome to Aging Conference 2024: Share Your Insights

Extend a warm welcome to our esteemed Aging Conference, one of the most significant in its domain. Embrace the chance to share experiences and gather invaluable feedback from peers.

Showcasing Programs to a Global Audience

Highlight your language programs to a global audience at the 2024 Conference on Aging, an opportunity not to be missed.

Diverse Audience: Who Attends This Aging Conference?

global summit

Educators, researchers, students, and representatives from diverse sectors gather, fueling diverse discussions to advance the future of aging and gerontology.

Participation Options: Choose Your Level of Involvement

From Oral Presentations to Poster Presentations, Virtual Participation, or as a Listener, various avenues cater to your preferred level of engagement.

Publication Prospects: Upholding Originality

Accepted papers find a place in the Conference Abstract Book, while full papers may secure publication in internationally indexed journals, including SCOPUS, Web of Science, DOAJ, among others.

Explore Munich: Beyond Oktoberfest

Munich, Germany, a hub of art, science, and innovation, offers a high quality of life, making it an ideal host for diverse events.

Networking: Forge Academic Connections

The Aging Conference 2024 serves as a brilliant opportunity to network and exchange ideas with peers and experts in related fields.

Invitation Letter: Streamline Visa Procedures
For visa needs, obtain an official Letter of Invitation from the conference organizers upon registration.

Secure Your Spot: Register for the Conference on Aging

Ensure your participation by registering and paying the conference fee, mandatory for all Gerontology and Aging Conference attendees.

Join us at the Global Conference on Aging and Gerontology in Munich to contribute and be part of shaping the future of gerontology and aging studies. Your insights and presence are instrumental as we explore the myriad facets of this evolving field.

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