Join the International Economics Conference 2024

Countdown to the International Economics Conference 2024 in Prague, Czech Republic, from March 8th to 10th, 2024. This premier academic event explores industry trends, common challenges, and fosters engaging discussions.

Why Attend the International Conference in Economics?

Whether you’re a scientist, researcher, or part of academia, this event is a must-attend:

  1. Submit Your Abstract: Share your insights by submitting an abstract.
  2. Apply to Present: Showcase your work to a global audience.
  3. Virtual Presenter: Overcome geographical barriers and present your research virtually.

Publication Opportunities

Seize the chance to publish your work and reach a global audience:

  1. Proceedings Publication: We will electronically publish all accepted abstracts in the official Conference Proceedings, each assigned an ISBN number. Cross Ref will assign a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) to each economics call for papers.
  2. Journal Publication: Explore opportunities to publish your paper in prestigious ISI, Scopus, and internationally indexed journals.

Economics Conference Topics

The International Economics Conference 2024 invites submissions on various topics: Business, Management, International Trade, Marketing, Technology & Innovation in Business, and Banking & Finance, among others.

Maximize Your Conference Experience

Experience more than just the conference:

  • City Tour: Enjoy a complimentary city tour to discover Prague’s vibrant history and present with a local guide.
  • Networking: Connect actively with fellow academics and experts in your field, sharing thoughts on recent advances.

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